Behind Closed Doors

By David Ferguson

July 10, 2016

The bedroom is the one room in the house that is most likely to be neglected.

july-10-3d-floor-planIt is most often the last room to be decorated. It is the room for which the least amount of thought is given to its appearance. It is the room in which the least amount of money is spent on decoration and design. It is a room that almost no thought is given to its function.

So why is the bedroom given short shrift when the average person spends at least one-third of their life there?

It is not a priority because it is a private space. Generally accessible to only one or two people, it is a space in which we can be untidy, if we choose. Dirty clothing can be tossed in the corner until laundry day; clean clothes can remain in the laundry basket until we find time to put them away. Making the bed is a chore that will be at the bottom of a priority list on a busy day.

Spending decorating dollars in a place that no one will see seems frivolous. Make no mistake that your bedroom will be seen. It will be seen by only the most important people in your life, you included.

Why bother if it is just a room in which to sleep at night? True enough, but consider that it is also a place to rejuvenate, at any time of the day. It can be a temporary escape from domestic pressures. It can be a place to pamper one’s self.

  1. Have it your way. Above any other room in a home, and for all the reasons listed above, the bedroom is the one place where anything goes. Earth tones are a placid choice for the bedroom. Not only will they contribute to a space that is quite and tranquil, but coupled with soft green or blue tones and the look will evoke a natural feeling.

july-10-illustration-1A floral look is best when it is bold. Oversized flowers will work well in a room with a neutral palette, contributing colour and life. Bold floral throw pillows on a bed, fun floral curtains on the windows will give any room just enough flower power.


Stylish wall decals and custom wallpaper can provide high-style for your walls. Everything from a wall-to wall world map for a student, to stylized polka dots in a modern bedroom, to nature-inspired tree and bird wall decals will make your room unique, interesting and personally yours.


  1. Battle of the sexes. Same-sex, different-sex, or no-sex, no matter who is sharing the room with whom, there will always be a need to bring together disparate looks.

july-10-illustration-3The bedroom can be decorated completely differently from other spaces, ranging from a sweet and frilly design to a sophisticated, dark dungeon look.

Consistency is the most important factor here. Even if two personalities have to be considered in the design, there is always a way to merge them.

For example, faux animal skins would not necessarily pair well with fine lace and linen, but soft faux fur may. Spicing up any room with faux fur may inspire more than a few snuggles. Modern metal and glass furnishings do not always jive with country pine, but festooned with the correct accessories and the modern look can be assimilated.


  1. The right light on site. Lighting is perhaps the most critical element in any bedroom. No matter how much or what kind of furniture a room will have, its lighting will create the mood.

Most designers will agree that it is not a great idea to have a desk in the bedroom, but sometimes that is simply unavoidable. The desk area should be lit separately from a direct light source.

A bedroom must have several sources of light, including an overhead or general illumination (for maintenance), task lighting (for specific tasks) and ambient light such as bedside lamps or wall sconces or floor lamps (for romantic or relaxing times).

Relaxation is the first consideration in the room’s lighting design. Every light source, no matter from where it is used in the room, should be controlled from a dimmer switch.

  1. Strike a balance. For a room that is conducive to relaxation, it is imperative that it not feel cluttered, but nor should it feel empty. Filling a room with too much stuff will make it feel overdone.

The bedroom is a place where serious paring should be considered. For everything that gets used and stored in the bedroom, and ask yourself whether you need to keep it there, whether it can be relocated or discarded. A clutter-free bedroom will contribute to peace of mind.


Although not all walls need to be decorated, it is best to avoid large areas of blank walls because that will make any space feel empty.

Changing the bedding is an easy way to spruce up a bedroom. The simple addition of new, soft sheets and a new duvet cover will not only give the room a new look, it will make the bed feel new.

  1. Real flower power. On a personal note, this is something I started several years ago. Every week, I treat myself to a fresh bouquet of flowers for my bedroom. I awaken happier every morning, as I hope you will.
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